Top 10 Sewing Machines in India for 2023

Top 10 Sewing Machines in India for 2023

The sewing machine is a very useful piece of machinery and in this blog, you will find the Top 10 Sewing Machines in India for 2023. There are many uses for a sewing machine beyond fixing old clothes. You should also carry out various creative tasks, such as creating pillowcases and bedroom decor. You can make your own clothes once you learn how and have some experience. It doesn’t take long to transition from a passion to a career. You can trust us when we say that sewing is a good way to make a lot of money.

There is a wide variety of options available for sewing machines. A sewing machine purchase can be difficult even if you don’t know your stitching needs. A good sewing machine does work that’s hard to do by hand. The best sewing machine improves comfort and efficiency. So, you should use a trustworthy machine to lower your workload and increase your output.

The market is flooded with hundreds of brands that provide sewing machines. Sewing machine makers around the world try to include cutting-edge features in their machines. This has boosted competition among sewing machine manufacturers. But this competition has made it harder for people to buy stitching machines.

Frankly, you’ll be confused by the variety of features offered in different sewing machines by multiple companies. You consider many sewing machines at once because you don’t know the buying guide. For your convenience, we have reviewed the best sewing machines in India for 2023. We look at each product and tell you what’s good and bad about it. We also provide you with a buying guide so you can make the best choice. Let’s start!

Best Sewing Machines in India for 2023

1- Brother Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Our top pick Brother CS6000i dominates the US and Indian markets with an excellent rate of success. This sewing machine really beats the rivals. The Brother CS6000i has proven to be the ideal machine for sewers of all skill levels. When compared to other, more expensive products, this Brother model clearly comes out on top.

The quality of construction in this item is outstanding. The machine’s versatility means you’ll never need another device. This machine gives you a huge number of choices, so your creativity won’t be limited. This is the most user-friendly commercial sewing machine available, making it ideal for beginners. It does everything perfectly and doesn’t cause any confusion.

The quilting table’s width allows for flawless free-motion quilting. It indirectly improves your stitching speed. The table on the Brother CS600i is superior to all others. You can also get 60 built-in stitches, allowing for tons of creative freedom. The machine’s built-in free arm makes stitching cylinders a breeze.

It is also quite comfortable to pedal. Your legs don’t get tired like they do with most sewing machines. It also doesn’t cause significant stitching noise. It’s ideal for sewing tough materials like leather, thick fur, denim, and more. When it comes to extreme cleanliness, this model is unmatched. The Brother small machine blows our minds.

This machine has several useful capabilities and is also simple to use and keep up. You can sew quickly and precisely thanks to the 850 SPM and slight vibration. Brother CS6000i settings are easy for beginners. The Brother CS6000i is a highly hassle-free sewing machine. It’s one of the best sewing machines in India for 2023. So, this fantastic machine is something we advise every sewer to use.


  • This machine is suitable for sewers of all levels of experience.
  • This machine is long-lasting and durable.
  • You can also obtain 60 pre-installed stitches.
  • This machine is perfect for thick materials.
  • This device is suitable for beginners.


  • This machine is a bit pricey.

2- Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

The Usha Janome is a machine that is quite popular in India. It is now India’s top sewing machine. This automatic zig-zag sewing machine is quite popular with both novice and experienced sewers because of its low price. It has a lightweight and user-friendly design, coming in at just 5.98kg. You won’t find a better deal anywhere, and the stitching is top-notch.

There are some significant features, but most crucial, none of them will be confusing if you’re a beginner. You have 14 applications and seven built-in stitches to experiment with when sewing. Because the sewing light is shiny enough, it is possible to see even when there isn’t much light. The thread tension control is meant to ensure that the frustrating thread-breaking problem doesn’t happen.

It’s India’s best and cheapest mechanical sewing machine because of all its functions. Zigzag stitching is another feature of this free-arm design. The accuracy of stitching throughout the board is satisfactory. You can easily fix clothes made of a variety of materials. Also, high speed makes it takes less time to repair clothes.

The most crucial features are a color-coded functional faceplate and dials for stitch length and design. This machine is ideal for circular stitching because of its free arm and well-designed design. Also, the auto-trip bobbin winder and extra-high pressed-foot are pretty helpful features. There is a soft cover included with this item.

The convenience and dependability of this sewing machine are both exceptional. It has all the essentials, and using it is a breeze. So, there’s no need to be confused; just buy this machine. It’s the best sewing machine for speeding up your sewing learning. It’s a real help for beginners.


  • It is designed to be lightweight and user-friendly.
  • You have 14 apps and seven built-in stitches.
  • This free-arm design also includes zigzag stitching.
  • This equipment is simple to operate.


  • A few users have complained about the customer service.

3- Singer FM 8280 Motorized Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Do you like a little but powerful sewing machine? The Singer 8280 sewing machine is unquestionably the best answer. You won’t find a better sewing machine in India than this one. So, this is an excellent option for any sewing needs you may have.

The machine’s 24 stitch selections are just the beginning of its many benefits and functions. The machine’s pressure bar incorporates a thread cutter for quick and easy threading. Because of this, this machine is able to meet a wide range of user needs in a truly awesome way. It is one of the best and can work at a fast rate of about 800 SPM.

This machine is good for people who are just starting. It can quickly and easily switch between several pressure settings for the feet. This simplifies complicated sewing and makes stitching easier. This model is very durable and will last for a long time. Also, this machine is suitable for big sewing materials. The oscillating shuttle system will make this equipment more attractive.

This device provides an automatic thread cutter. You also receive a 4-step buttonhole. The extension table also serves as a handy holding for your extra supplies. So this ensures you always have the right accessories. This singer machine has fair pricing and a decent guarantee of two years.

The machine’s aesthetic appeal enhances its already excellent performance and usefulness. It is an easy-to-operate machine with a sturdy build that saves time and effort for its users. This is another reasonably priced and one of the best sewing machines in India for 2023.


  • It operates at high speed of approximately 800 SPM.
  • This makes stitching easier and simplifies intricate sewing.
  • This model is quite long-lasting.
  • This machine is ideal for stitching large fabrics.
  • Very appealing look


  • Few users have complained about needles breaking easily.

4- Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

This is one of the most dependable models available for commercial use. It’s linked with a reputable company. The Janome sewing machine is known for its high quality and solid results. If you’re seeking a lightweight, portable sewing machine, look no further. It’s a straightforward choice for rotary sewing machines with front-loading bobbins and free arms. Its maximum stitching speed is 1000 SPM, which is fast enough to produce stitches rapidly.

The machine is built such that the operator can also benefit from manual tension control. The automatic sewing machine has a bobbin that is wound automatically and also a manual threading method. You can also change how tight the threads are when you need to. It has the potential to be user-friendly and effective.

The machine comes preloaded with 12 different stitch possibilities and a 4-step buttonhole procedure. So, you can make a variety of stitches with this machine. It’s possible to alter the stitch length up to 4 mm. It also has the option to limit the stitch’s ability to be reversed to a range of 0-2.5. You can save a lot of time with fast results.

This full package makes it easy to fulfill all your stitching dreams. It’s possible to modify the system’s dimensions in both length and width. It will make your life easier and more comfortable. You can also use the drop feed feature, which lets you quilt and sew freely. The machine looks as polished as you’d expect a commercial device to look. It’s heavy but portable. So, it’s another sewing machine in India for 2023 that you won’t regret buying.


  • It has a maximum stitching speed of 1000 SPM.
  • It has the potential to be easy to use and effective.
  • This machine can perform a variety of stitches.
  • It will make stitching easier and more pleasant for you.


  • Few customers complain about the durability.

5- Singer Sewing Computerized Sewing Machine

When it comes to sewing machines, Singer is your best and most trusted bet. It’s made to make stitching as easy and comfortable as possible for the user. A Singer sewing machine has everything a sewer needs in a machine. It makes your sewing projects look more polished and professional.

It received two Consumers Digest Awards for its various benefits to users. The materials used to make this sewing machine are top notch. As a result, it will last a long time and won’t need replacing anytime soon. So it lasts longer and is easier to use for a long time.

It’s simple threading helps users work efficiently on difficult threading tasks. Also, you can choose from a number of different stitching styles. Threading requires only 6 seconds with the needle. LED lights are also included, and they may be used to illuminate the stitching from different angles. The Singer sewing machine’s automated needle threader is a major benefit.

The machine has an easy-to-load drop-in bobbin mechanism. Also, it includes a see-through cover that makes managing the thread flow a breeze. The bobbin mechanism is easily installed and removed. You may be confident that your sewing efforts will produce the finest results. Why? Because a Led bulb above the machine’s surface shines nonstop. The lamp may remain cool during its entire 100,000-hour lifespan.

Furthermore, it comes with a built-in stitch library of one hundred different possibilities. It includes nine essentials, eight stretches, seven decoratives, and 76 buttonholes. You can choose the one you like most. The seven properly sized, totally automatic built-in buttonholes are another benefit. If you’re looking for a high-quality sewing machine in India, consider this option.


  • It lasts longer and is more convenient to use over time.
  • LED lighting is also included.
  • It includes a stitch library with over a hundred different options.
  • It has automated buttonholes built in.


  • Few users report LCD screen issues.

6- Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

The Usha Janome Allure is a very reliable machine. The minimal cost is managed without sacrificing functionality, as there are four buttonholes for the user to progress through. This machine came out on top in our tests when it came to mending buttons on garments. This machine is very light in weight. The device is ideal for mending garments and doing other sewing jobs at home.

What’s more, there are no major problems associated with this machine. The Usha Janome Allure is compact and will fit in any available space. It’s 45x23x35 cm, and it comes with a standard 2-year warranty. You can select from one of 13 predefined stitch options (and 21 useful programs). These can handle intermediate-level creative projects at home. You can do more than just fix clothes.

This machine is wonderfully shaped for round stitching like pant skirts, jacket sleeves, etc. This machine’s controls for width and length have just been changed. This makes things easier. It weighs 7.42 kilograms. You can stitch neatly without effort using an adjustable thread tension regulator.

The two dials make it simple to select between several stitch patterns. It’s possible to tailor the stitch length to the fabric in a similar way. You may focus on the textile part you’re stitching using the LED. Usha Janome Allure performs wonderfully even with heavier materials.

The Usha Janome Allure uses significantly less power than other electric sewing machines in the same price range. This machine noise level is also modest. Also, this device outperformed the nearly double-priced sewing machine. This top-tier machine offers top-tier stitch quality at an affordable price. We highly recommend the Usha Janome Allure as the best sewing machine in India for 2023.


  • It has a normal 2-year warranty.
  • This machine is perfect for round sewing pants, skirts, jacket sleeves, etc.
  • You can choose from one of 13 predefined stitch options and 21 useful programs.
  • It is 7.42 kg in weight.
  • This machine also features LED lights.


  • Few customers complain about customer service.

7- Liolis Mini 4 in 1 Portable Sewing Machine

Lillis Mini is the lightest and most affordable sewing machine on our list. You also receive five accessories in addition to that. The 4-in-1 versatility of this tool will make your sewing projects a breeze. This machine stitches quickly. Liolis Mini is our favorite compact sewing machine. It’s also a pretty cool thing for children.

The machine’s major feature is the reversible speed. This is incredibly useful for a wide range of families. You won’t believe the incredible value you get from the Liolis Mini Sewing Machine. The pedal makes it easy to manage the speed. LED light and stitching noise are surprising in this price range.

It may be small, but this machine certainly isn’t gentle. The device still has a robust construction. Our list of the best sewing machines in India for 2023 includes it since it’s the simplest to operate. So, it may be your child’s design machine. This device can also work with batteries.

The Liolis Mini Machine benefits two sorts of people. The first option is for teenagers who are curious and want to take up sewing as a pastime. Second, for adults who are beginners but want to avoid the headache of sewing damaged clothes at home. You should not try to use it to stitch thick materials like leather, denim, etc.

But, it is relatively simple to sew damaged shirts, pants, bedsheets, pillowcases, etc. It’s hard to imagine the inexpensive sewing machine comes with five extras. This little sewing machine in India is worth its price, so don’t be afraid to invest in it.


  • This tool’s 4-in-1 versatility will make your sewing tasks a breeze.
  • This machine is great for kids.
  • The pedal makes controlling the speed simply.
  • The machine is built to last.
  • It is a compact machine.


  • Some users dislike its modest size.

8- Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine

Many Indians ask which automatic sewing machine is ideal for garments. Professionals have conflicting views about this. The market leader is Brother, but how many can afford that pricey machine for your at-home sewing business? Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic raises its hand in this situation. It’s one of India’s most flexible and affordable sewing machines. So, we listed various Usha Janome products in the Best sewing machines in India for the 2023 Review.

This one also features two dials for adjusting stitch length and choosing between several patterns. You can support yourself while sewing cylindrically with a free arm. It can sew both straight and zigzag lines. Professional sewers really like this. It also suits beginners. Usha machine weighs less because of its aluminum die-cast shell. It weighs only 10.1 kg.

It takes only one step to buttonhole. The presser foot dial lets you sew any cloth perfectly. Beginners appreciate twin needles and automated needle threading. Also, you have many design options, and there are 23 built-in stitches. It helps you add your own creativity to the clothes you make. Usha Stitch Magic generated the least heat when run continuously. This machine has a slow stitching option that is ideal for beginners.

If you invest in a Usha Automatic sewing machine, you’re guaranteed a pleasant experience. The most crucial thing is using this gadget for a while and picking up some basic knowledge. It won’t take long to master garment sewing and start a home-based business. It’s fast, convenient, and wonderful. Usha sewing machines are ideal for all sewers due to their durability and power.


  • Its aluminum die-cast cover reduces weight.
  • You have a lot of design options, and there are 23 built-in stitches.
  • The presser foot dial allows you to sew any fabric correctly.
  • This machine is suitable for novices.


  • The user complained that the package lacked a scissor.

9- Singer Simple 3223 Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

The next one on our list is the one that looks the best. Both the red and green versions are too appealing. Singer Simple 3223 is straightforward to use and easy on the eyes, making it ideal for novices. Also, this machine has a great range of stitches to start with. There are 23 stitches total, including six foundational stitches. Also, the seven stretch stitches give you more options for fabrics and designs. There are also eight fancy stitches, and an automated buttonhole included. It’s a relatively simple design.

Singer Simple 3223 comes with bobbins that load from the front. This bobbin mechanism is preferable to the side load because of its user-friendliness. Because sewing requires constant threading, the Singer Simple 3223 makes this procedure extremely simple. It’s crucial to get the thread in the right spot before you start sewing. Also, beginners need help maintaining tension. This machine’s automatic bobbin winder makes thread tension adjusting easy.

The small and light sewing machine is great for people who are just starting. It’s portable, so they can take it with them when they visit their instructors or attend classes. These sewing machines come with helpful guides and lessons. It helps a beginner learn how to do different sewing tasks.

Singer Simple 3223 has a lovely exterior. Also, the machine’s super-sturdy metal frame keeps it from collapsing even after years of hard use. Singer Simple 3223 gives high-quality results. This machine shocked our specialists when tested with heavier materials. The lovely vintage feel of this machine is yours at a very low price.


  • There are a total of 23 stitches, including six basic stitches.
  • This machine’s automated bobbin winder improves thread tension adjustment.
  • It is small and portable.
  • This machine is powerful and long-lasting.


  • Few users complain about the noise.

10- Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

If you want to start a business making clothing at home. Then you’ll have complete help from the Brother FS101 Automated Sewing Machine. It measures 48.4 x 40.2 x 27.4 cm and weighs 6.96 kg. This is the ideal sewing and embroidery machine, allowing for a lifetime of inspiration. The information you need is clearly displayed on its metal body. All of those are different embroidery stitches. Despite its many features, Brother FS101 is easy to operate.

There is no need for a longer table with this machine. We discovered that this machine motor is the finest in its price category. This means it’s capable of handling demanding tasks. The Brother Stitching machine is known for its sturdiness and versatility. There are 100 built-in sewing practical, heirloom, ornamental, and quilting stitches.

Also, it has 55 alphabetical stitches and eight one-step buttonholes for monogramming. This computerized machine works by the command given. It’s the finest machine with an automated threader at this pricing. The automatic needle threader is practical and easy to use. The sturdy metal construction allows for flawless stitching every time.

The machine doesn’t need stitch changes like width and length. It’s quieter than comparable embroidery machines. Also, the machine pauses stitching if the needle cannot pass through the material. A similar thing occurs when the needle is inserted into the foot. Because of this, Brother FS101 needles never break.

This machine costs less than others with comparable features and stitches. Undoubtedly, Brother is another one of the best sewing machines in India for 2023.


  • It only weighs 6.96 kg.
  • There are 100 pre-installed stitches.
  • It contains 55 alphabetical stitches and eight one-step buttonholes for monogramming.
  • It is quieter than comparable embroidery machines.


  • Few users believe the price is high.

Buying Guide Sewing Machines in India

As was already said, the buying guide for the sewing machine is very important. Mainly if this is your first time buying a sewing machine. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert at sewing or a total beginner. Your sewing machine can affect how the rest of your work turns out. So, you should keep in mind the following things if you want to buy a reliable and efficient stitching machine:


The cost of a sewing machine can vary from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Indian Rupees. It’s important to know how much money you can spend on the device. You’ll be able to narrow down the possibilities with this. It will also limit the variety of sewing machines available to you. You should consider your abilities and the features that are necessary as you create a budget. If you do it this way, you’ll be able to pick the best option.


A sewing machine’s efficiency is heavily dependent on its speed. A sewing machine can operate at speeds between 80 and 800 stitches per minute. It’s variable based on the manufacturer and your budget. If you want a fast sewing machine that doesn’t cost too much, we recommend Singer. The variable speed control allows you to sew at your own pace.

Stitching choices

There is a wide variety of stitches and customization options available for different sewing machines. You should choose the sewing machine that best fits the needs of your project or requirements. It would be best to look for a device that can do the basics, including a straight stitch, zigzag knot, stretch straight seam, tri motion seam, blind hem stitch, buttonhole, etc.


It can be really frustrating to purchase a machine with a bad bobbin system. We’ve had a lot of trouble with bobbin; trust us, it’s not exciting. If you don’t want to put in much effort or experience any frustration, a top-loading bobbin is a way to go. If your bobbin is a top loader, you can see when the thread is running low. You don’t have to struggle to take apart the bobbin case. The bobbin may be easily inserted into its slot by sliding open the panel. It’s such a relief.

Foot Technology

The type of work for which you will be using the machine should dictate which feet you select. The device needs the buttonhole and overcast stitching foot if it’s going to be used for basic sewing. Walking or using spring-action feet is necessary for heavy operations like quilting or embroidery.

Included accessories

When shopping for a sewing machine, be sure to examine all of the optional extras. Modern machines have many attachments that make sewing easier and more entertaining. You should keep an eye out for extras like a storage compartment, an embroidery foot, and bobbin covers. Usha even gives away sewing kits for free.

After-sale service

When shopping for a sewing machine, it is important to get one that comes with a warranty. You can still have it fixed if something bad happens, thanks to efficient after-sale services. You should do your homework and read the client reviews to find out how good the customer service is. You should choose a well-respected company famous for its high quality of service.

Noise level

When you’re shopping, keep the machine’s noise level in mind. So, you need to select a sewing machine that is the quietest option available.

Motor’s Size

It’s also important to think about how big of a motor your sewing machine will have. While shopping for a home sewing machine, this is a minor but crucial factor to consider.


Which is better for a beginner: Brother or Singer sewing machines?

When we compared Brother and Singer sewing machines. The Singer sewing machines are popular because of their user-friendliness and simple design. Singer sewing machines are best for beginners because they are easier to use and have fewer technical problems.

Are computerized sewing machines superior to mechanical ones?

There are two divisions that use both digital and mechanical sewing machines. But compared to mechanical machines, computerized sewing machines are easier to use.

Is it hard to learn how to sew?

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you decide to take up sewing; you’ll always be able to benefit from the skill. It all depends on how eager you are to learn something new. It’s easier than building a bookshelf or baking a cake.


All the sewing machines on the list are great for both beginners and skilled sewers. Whether you shop online or in a store, you won’t have any trouble finding these machines. You can choose the best one based on what you need. You can choose from any of the above machines.

You need to acquire a sewing machine immediately. The reviews and buying guide we’ve supplied are comprehensive. This guide can help you choose the best sewing machine in India for home or professional use. Always remember to fit your analysis to your needs before making a decision.

We think you should go with Usha or Singer because they have a lot of options at prices you can afford. These are both reputable names so customer support should not be an issue. The adaptability of electric sewing machines makes them our top choice. It will be simple and pleasant to learn with them. So, we hope this post about the best sewing machines in India for 2023 helps choose the right one for you.

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